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Transforming historic heritage into magical sanctuaries for children's well-being and beacons for community blossoming.

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Driven by a vision to bridge the UK's geographical divides, we begin our journey in the Isle of Sheppey—a region among the top 2% of the UK's most underserved areas. At Shurland Castle, in partnership with esteemed artists, architects, and therapists, we've established a sanctuary steeped in profound healing.


Our core mission? To cultivate children's mental well-being, equip them with essential life skills for holistic health, and inspire them to be change-makers in their communities. Beyond this, we breathe new life into historic structures, revitalising them to ensure their stories and legacies elevate.

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We do this working with esteemed specialists in:

  • Arts & Crafts therapy

  • Music & Dance therapy

  • Play & Storytelling therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Yoga

  • Pet therapy

  • Biodynamic gardening skills

  • Nutrition & Cooking skills 

  • Connection with other children going through similar journeys

  • Nature skills: rewilding and regeneration

  • Safeguarding children


We offer space for parents to recharge and relax through:

  • A fully equipped gym

  • Yoga 

  • Dance 

  • Family therapy

  • Spa and sauna treatments 

  • Childcare options to enable parents unwind

  • Connection & Community building

  • Working with local partners and other charities

Empower and Elevate Together
We welcome collaborations with charities dedicated to uplifting children living, including those with specific health conditions or disabilities. Experience the transformative potential of our wellness spaces and retreats for those you serve. If a partnership resonates with your mission, we invite you to connect with us.

The Stories of Shurland Castle

Nestled on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, Shurland Castle is more than a picturesque Tudor estate framed by verdant farmland and the embrace of the sea. This Grade II* listed monument whispers tales—from Henry VIII's rendezvous with Anne Boleyn to Winston Churchill and the RAF's wartime presence.
Today, a new chapter unfolds. We're weaving together world-renowned artists, architects, and healers, crafting an immersive sanctuary that marries the nurturing essence of Maggie's Centres with the magic reminiscent of Hogwarts.
Historically, castles stood as fortresses of strength, providing protection and unity. Echoing that spirit, our mission is to offer a haven where children can cultivate resilience and vigour, ensuring they don't just survive, but thrive. By empowering the young, we're planting seeds for generational transformation within their communities.
Our vision? A groundbreaking healing centre that seamlessly melds eastern and western therapeutic traditions, turning Shurland Castle into an ever-evolving tapestry of rejuvenation.
Proudly under the stewardship of the Localgiving Foundation (Charity No. 1132411), our heart beats with one aim: holistic wellness for children and families. Every stone restored in Shurland Castle reverberates with a dream of a thriving, health-centric community.
Our gratitude extends to the Architectural Heritage Fund for their support at the start of this journey.


Funding fuels our vision

Shurland Castle is a multi-functional charitable venue. You can get involved in the following ways:

School trips and holiday camps

Where children can come together to take part in fun activities, together that centre around imaginative play. A place to develop social skills and experience mental resilience therapies in a supportive group environment. We are busily designing programmes  providing strong learning outcomes that expand the curriculums.


Family retreats

We are developing a network of charity ambassadors who spend some relaxing time together in community living with their children and other parents during weekends and school holidays. There will be lots of opportunities for connecting with your children, connecting with nature, to help your children prosper from increased emotional resilience and a community of other supportive families.


Charity Events


Come rain or shine, we are putting on charity events throughout the year to raise money for our local charity partners such as Sheppey Matters. Come support Sheppey and Shurland Castle at our events, which have ranged from tea mornings to summer concerts.

Wedding and private hire

We are planning on starting a subsidiary to our charity in the future to help generate income to support our charitable activities. If you are interested on getting on a waiting list please get in touch! 


Special Partnership retreats

We are working with partner charities who specialise in supporting children with life limiting illnesses and disabilities in order for them to support them to attend our wellness retreats with their families. 

Gardening programs

Educational activities involving local communities to learn about organic and biodynamic gardening, as well as soil health, rewilding and regeneration. Learn about how our gut bacterias health is linked to the soil bacterias health and how to participate in farming practices to sustain our planets health.


Shurland Castle is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment in order to open to the public and make it a safe haven to launch our programs. We are putting on a smattering of events whilst this work is underway and will be opening in earnest in 2024.

If you’d like to arrange a tour of the gardens of Shurland Hall please contact us and we’ll add you to the next group tour time


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