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About Us

Shurland Castle is managed by the Localgiving Foundation, a registered charity (1132411) with a mission to support the holistic wellness of children and their families. Our vision is to regenerate Shurland Castle in order to create a sustainable and vibrant community focussed on holistic health and provide opportunities for local people.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, health care professionals, creative & experience design artists, wellness experts, teachers, nature experts as well as historical building architects, designers and caretakers. We are working together to transform Shurland Castle into a valuable sustainable space that enables communities to thrive.   

Shurland Castle is currently undergoing refurbishment in order to open to the public and launch our programs. We will be opening in 2024.

If you are interested in partnering or fundraising with us, get in touch. You can also donate to our cause here. 

We are grateful that Shurland Castle has been awarded a grant through the Architectural Heritage Fund.


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